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February 18, 2021

Gobi Games Esp. 15 2/18/2021

Nintedo direct stuff

    -Outer wilds coming 

    -Ledgends of mana june 24th

    -Monster Hunter Rise march 26th also custom console and pro controller

    -Mario golf Super rush june 25th

    -Tales of the borderlands march 24th

    -No more heroes 3 aug 27th

   -DC super hero girls teen power june 4th

   -Plants vs zombies Battle for Neighborville complete edition march 19th

   -miitopia may 21

   -animal crossing getting super mario themed items

   -Star Wars hunters coming 2021

   -Worlds End Club may 28th

   -Hades March 19th (physical)

   -Ninja Gaiden master collection june 10th

   -the legend of zelda skyward sword hd(with custom joycons) july 16th

   -splatoon 3 2022

No Man's Sky


Dying Light





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